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Drug problems?

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Certain meetings are now taking place physically

Many of our meetings continue to take place online, whilst some are open again physically. 

Details on the individual meetings can be found in the  meetings list
In addition to existing meetings, extra online meetings have been opened:
A daily German-speaking meeting, 12:30 - 13:30 password: clean

A daily German-speaking meeting, 18:30- 19:30 password: clean  

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What is NA?

Narcotics Anonymous is a self-help organisation of people for whom drugs, alcohol and medication have become a problem. We come together regularly at meetings and talk about how we manage to stay clean, and share our experiences of life without the use of substances.

We focus on the future and solutions, not on the past and problems. The atmosphere of respect at our meetings allows us to practise honesty and to be ourselves.

The heart of the NA programme is the 12 Steps. They are a practical method we follow in the company of an experienced member, and which we can apply in our daily lives. The 12 Steps lead us to a new way of life; they allow us to stop taking drugs and protect us from relapses. By following the suggestions of NA, going to meetings and sharing with other members, we learn to stay clean and meet the daily challenges of life.


For professionals

Info meetings at institutions for those affected

NA regularly provides information to clients at institutions. Get in touch with us.

Presentations for professionals

NA offers information events for professionals featuring a one-hour presentation

Open meetings for professionals

Open meetings allow anyone who is interested to get a glimpse of NA and get to know us in person.

24 - 26 December 2022

Xmas Zoom

Zoom Link

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From 19th to 21st July 2019 the 35th European Conference and Convention of NA (ECCNA) took place on Platzspitz in Zurich. 40 speakers shared their experience, strength and hope with over 1,300 addicts from 46 countries. There was a collective clean time of over 12,000 years. 

Around 100 doctors and psychologists had the opportunity to learn in more detail about the methods and principles of NA. 

Young Addicts in Recovery (YAIR) led a workshop in which strategies were developed as to how young addicts can be made aware of what NA has to offer. 

On Saturday evening around 600 people danced in Dynamo without the aid of stimulants until the wee hours of the morning.

In addition there was an exhibition about the history of NA.

The centrally located and historically charged venue also arose the interest of the media. There is an overview in the press review.   



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